Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Punjabi Christian Community In Jackson Heights Plays Important Social Role

The bustling punjabi christian community based in and around the New York region is focused around an important Indian church that caters to its spiritual, emotional and social needs. As a matter of fact, the Indian church in Jackson Heights plays a very important role in the community and helps its members in many different ways, especially since many of them are first or second generation immigrants from different parts of South Asia.

Punjabi Christians are fewer in number than other religious groups from this state. The community is nevertheless large and bustling and it has much to offer to society as a whole. The church also welcomes Christians from other parts of North India who come here for worship and social activities.
Since the most important function of the church is to provide religious guidance, this is indeed what people come for primarily. Indian churches generally offer services in native languages instead of English in order to ensure that worshippers can perfectly understand what is being said.
The spiritual activities of the church are extremely crucial since they guide people on the right way to worship. The activities include bible reading classes which are conducted in languages that the church members are comfortable with. These languages include Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi and Spanish. In fact, the church also offers hymn books, bibles and religious reading material in these languages so that there is perfect understanding of them. 
These books are available free of cost and are distributed without any restrictions on who can get them. Spiritual healing sessions are also offered. All in all, the emphasis is on enabling people to lead productive, happy and modern lives in a Christian manner.
The social initiatives undertaken by these churches are also very important because they help ensure that church members are well integrated in society. This is absolutely crucial since many of the members are immigrants and might not yet be properly integrated in society. Members who are well-established in society give new comers lots of assistance to enable them to build a good life for themselves as well. 
The Indian Church In New York members also help each other solve problems that might arise in the community on account of ignorance or bigotry. The emphasis is on peaceful co-existence with all people irrespective of where they come from or what they do. A lot of the activities also focus on environmental issues because this is of great interest to society as a whole.
The Indian Church In Jackson Heights is a very important institution in the New York area and its membership keeps on expanding. It ensures that all members get the chance to explore all opportunities available to them and achieve their spiritual and economic potential.

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