Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A Church With a Difference

New York City is known for its ostentatious lifestyle, sumptuous food and a traveler’s delight. A huge range of attractions dot this city and one can never get out of options to have a good time here. However, what one does not remember about the New York City is its churches. The beautiful churches located here make the city all the more charming and charismatic. What makes these churches all the more fascinating is the history that led to their establishment! One of such churches is Punjabi Masihi Church. The most popular church in New York City is renowned not just for its architecture but also for its Preaching. The church has visitors from the Indian population living in the city and many others too. It conducts various programs for the Hindi, Punjabi as well as the Urdu community.

The Mission of the Church

The Punjabi Masihi Church helps people hear and understand the Gospel of Lord Jesus. The Church even serves the vulnerable people who are in need of love and helps them in the name of Jesus. The doors of the Ray of Hope Church are open for people from every background, irrespective of where the people are on the spiritual journey. A multicultural chuck located at Jackson Heights, it is a life giver. The objective of the church is to instill life and love of God in the people and their families through powerful and effective worship services that provide biblical truth, practically. The church strives to be the same as the one described in the holy Bible, wherein there is relevant teaching, honest friendships, heartfelt worship, compassion, care and constant prayer for all those who are in need. The church believes in spreading Christianity while influencing and encouraging the community, one person at a time.

Know more about the Church

The Punjabi Masihi Church believes that it is a community of people who are imperfect but seek Jesus Christ in order to transform themselves. They do this to offer real strength, hope and love to all those are in need of it. The Punjabi Church works hard for creating a place that is not just for people who are churched but for everyone, who is welcomed here with love and warmth. All those who are exhausted of traditional church and require such a worship experience, which makes them believe in the power of healing of the Christian fellowship again should visit this place, without any second thought. At times, it happens that people do not find unconditional love and seek it in Churches. This is the church where one can find the Ray of Hope that they are looking for.

Events and Prayer Meetings

In order to bring the community closer and available for each other, the Punjabi Masihi Church makes a point to organize various events. Such events bring people close to each other and understand one another. The church holds prayer meeting to understand the teachings of Holy Bible regularly. This sure is a church with a difference.

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