Monday, 4 August 2014

What is Christian Life, How To Live And Enjoy the Good Christian Life?

Living the good Christian life is creating a way to reach the god easily. A good Christian spread his faith, morals and ethics of the Christianity for a good cause. Only just visiting the church every Sunday does not mean that you are a good Christian. There are few important that things you should follow in your life then you can easily create your way to reach the god. In every church, the followers of the jesus conduct many faithful programs through which the thousands of people get benefited Masihi Church is one of the popular church and the church exist in many places throughout the world.

The followers of jesus do services without expecting anything they dedicate their complete life in serving people for good things. Through their amazing services they create a beautiful path with full of flowers by which they can reach the god easily. Ray of hope church is one of the popular churches and there the followers of god conduct many faithful events that can increase the confidence and faith on god among the people. Here am giving you few example of the good Christian life

Follow the examples of jesus at any situation: jesus is the son of god said that at any cause you should not start hating the people you have to love your enemies and forgive their mistakes. And you have to pray for those who try to persecute you.

If you have done fault acknowledge it and try to change your attitude and pray. Doing mistakes is the common thing in the human life but you have to realize your mistake and you have to change your attitude.Read and do what bible says for you, if you are a Christian, the very important part of your life is reading bible and you have to follow the things, which are mentioned in the bible. Allow the god to change you; it is very difficult for you to change yourselves all the god to change you from bad to good. Think whatever happens in your life is the wish of god is and move on according to it. You have to understand that you are mistreated for your beliefs and you should not allow others to attack you to weaken your faith on the god.

Set your time for the effective and the meaningful prayer. Spend your leisure time in praying, pray the god for your well and others too. Pray for your friends, enemies and relatives. Make your time meaningful. Try to see others point of view and act according to even if you have any personal issues on them. A good Christian will not discourage even his enemies, you have to put your feet on other shoes and then you have to act. The important and crystal quality of a good Christian is being patience at any situation; you have to be very patience with other people at any cause. If you follow these steps in your life no doubt that you are nearing the god.

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