Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Meet the God at Jackson Heights or Jackson Heights Church of Punjabi Christian Community

A spiritual abode that prepares the devotees to meet the almighty, Jackson Heights or Jackson Heights Church is multi ethnic in nature. The pronounced mission and vision of the church is to spread the gospels of Lord Jesus Christ across the globe. Best part of it is that the church is free of any racial or religious discrimination. It is visited by people from all parts of the world and nationality does not count in it.

Multi-Racial Congregation

The Ray of Hope Church boasts of multi-racial congregation and the only objective is bolstering faith and family. Church authorities are committed to representing the great love as well as the character of God manifested in form of Jesus Christ to the entire world. For the preachers; God is love and such love is for all mankind irrespective of their origin or religious and ethnic background. In the process they make it a point that the knowledge and talent of the preachers are well accepted and shared by the recipients visiting Jackson Heights or Jackson Heights Church.

Punjabi Communities

Punjabi people are enterprising by nature and that is why one finds them in every nook and corners of the world carrying out business of some type or other. While majority of the Punjabis are either Hindus or Muslims, there are also another community that is found in most of the foreign lands; the Punjabi Christian community.  By nature they are religious and it is natural that people of Christian communities will visit Church and that is why one can find a good gathering of such people in the Ray of Hope Church at Jackson Heights.

Visiting Online or in Person

While the Church has a well designed website and visitors can take a stroll online to see various features of the Church, visiting in person the brick and concrete counterpart is also a plausible option for the ultimate visitor. While browsing through their website could be an enjoyable experience, visiting in person the Church would take the experience of the visitor to another level altogether. 

The 7th Day Adventist Church

New vision that was generated in the winter of the year 2007, the 7th day Adventist Church is the ultimate for the entire community. The location has a concentrated focus on friendship and salvation to anyone willing to accept such precious gifts. People that have never visited the church would also receive warm welcome as if they are the integral part of the church. At the same time they also offer excellent ministry opportunities and a platform to contact with new acquaintances on a daily basis.

New Opportunities

The Church of Punjabi Christian Community is offering new opportunities for ministry on a weekly basis. People; irrespective of their standing and status may like the features and the environment of the Church. Whether they are already life members or purely newcomers, the Church offers something for every one of them.

At the end of it the visitor would be a highly contended and satisfied person free of many of his or her earlier tensions.

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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Indian Church in Jackson Heights – To Follow the Path of God!

One of the challenges that people commonly face in their life is shifting from one place to another. It may be fine and adjustable if you shift within your home country, but what if you are to shift from one country to another? Of course that would be pretty hard for you. You have to leave behind your home environments, culture, tradition and the life style you were used to. For Indians shifting, it will be a tremendous change, because Indians follow a very unique tradition. Wouldn’t it be comforting if you can have a place of worship at the place you are shifting to? The answer is simply yes! The most comforting zone that anyone could be at is the place of worship. 

Masihi Church in Jackson Heights is one such worship place for Indians who follow Christianity. These communities of people feel very peaceful and relaxed when they pray in the famous Indian church in Jackson Heights. There is large community of people including Punjabis from India who stay in United States. Hence it is very important that Punjab community from India get a feeling of home and have a regular worship place in their city. Thus this community of people has diverted their attention towards the Indian church in Jackson Heights, where they can devote their valuable time and offer prayers and services. 

Life has twists and turns and makes us feel heavy sometimes, but when one prays with complete mind and concentration towards God, he changes everything! After all belief is everything that God expects from a person. And to offer our prayers, a place of worship is the ultimate destination. And for Punjab community of US, their tradition and culture based church is the final place for them.  People share their thoughts to God and seek help and solutions for their problems. The church is thus a divine place where everyone devotes their mind to God. This is the place where the people in the community get to know about each other and hence get a chance to feel home-like. You can see a wonderful change in people’s mind when you visit the Indian church in Jackson Heights. 

One amazing fact about the Indian Church in Jackson Heights is that any one from any culture is welcome there. There is no discrimination among anybody, but complete love and peace. However most of them who gather to this church belong to the parts of Indian subcontinent as the prayers are often offered in Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu languages. However praying does not need any language. So whoever you may be, you can join these people in their services and offer prayers and enjoy fulfilled peace of mind.  

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