Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Spreading The Meaning Of God Through Masihi Church Across New York And Indian Communities

Without the enlightening guidance of the supreme power, man has the propensity to go astray in life. There are so many distractions to deter a person from the goal of being happy by spreading happiness. To give shape to the spirit of brotherhood among the various Indians settled in United States and Canada, the expatriate Indians are trying their best to bind all brother and sisters of the Christian community under the leadership of the church. Since many decades, these efforts had been made by the followers and believers of Christ, spreading the message that by following the path of God, there will be peace and harmony in life. Also, one can concentrate on his or her work if there is satisfaction in life by the blessings of the Almighty. For this purpose, there is the need to abide by the preaching of the Lord and this is best possible in the house meant for Him. As a result of such a noble thought, Masihi Church came into being in the regions where Indian Punjabi Christians have been residing in United States.

·         Efforts by the members of Masihi Church adding popularity for religious beliefs

Constant work by the members of the Indian Church in the region of New York and in Canada has resulted in the creation of the building where people congregate on Sundays and hear to the sermons of some of the leaders in Christianity. The reverend pastors of the community give sermons as laid down in the holy books and explain the meaning of love and life. Their sermons are soothing enough for those coming to the New York Church, as it provides insight into the life of people. They retrospect and understand the meaning of life by going through different kinds of preaching. This kind of arrangement has benefited many Indian Christians living in foreign shores, as they find people from their communities and share their feelings for God and enable them to understand the depth of God’s existence and morals. 

·         Gradually spreading wings of the church to bring about austerity and peace

Although it has taken time for the Masihi Church to spread its wings and bring out people into the charter, the success has been stupendous. With the church being established in a new location, the area is larger and can accommodate more members, the number of which is growing. Many Indian Punjabi Christians are gathering in the Indian Church and listening to the preaching of the Lord. Not only do they hear and give attention, their life has also changed a lot since becoming members. Their attitude towards the presence of a supernatural power has strengthened over time. 

·         Various other activities for community development apart from preaching

Besides Preaching in the New York Church, there are many other activities being organized, which help accentuate the happiness and meaning of life. Brothers and sisters in the group are involved in various social activities, to ensure that their communities are well maintained with peace and prosperity all around. Environmental issues are tackled and problems are solved together. Since people work together and pray together, there is a feeling of oneness in the Indian Church. With further efforts of the leaders of Masihi Church, there has been much improvement in the life of people and it is reflected in the peaceful coexistence even while being in a foreign land. 

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